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I consider it a great privilege to work with authors on their writing. I believe everyone and everything has a story to tell. I take pride in my collaborative work style and my friendly, inquisitive approach. I am highly organized, deadline driven, and responsive. As a writer myself, I know how intimidating it can feel to elicit feedback on your writing. I make every effort to help you feel at ease with the editorial process by remaining open, sensitive, and communicative while delivering thorough, high-quality edits.

I offer developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading for fiction and nonfiction. I especially enjoy working with new authors through each editorial stage of their manuscript, from its first draft to final publishable form. I am happy to tailor my services to fit the needs of your unique project.

NEW! I now offer developmental and line editing for picture books and early readers. Please contact me to discuss more.

Dev Editing

Developmental editing is ideal if you have the first rough draft of your writing piece.




For a dev edit I will:

  • Read your entire manuscript and give feedback regarding the manuscript's big-picture issues: thesis or theme, story structure, character development, pacing, tone and voice, dialogue, narrative arc, and the overall consistency of the plot.

  • Write short comments and questions directly in the manuscript for you to consider as you make rewrites or revisions.

  • Fix some glaring grammar errors, but in general, sentence-level edits are reserved for a copyedit.

  • Provide a multi-page editorial letter with my feedback, giving you my professional opinion on the strengths and needs for improvement in the manuscript.


Copyediting is ideal if you are past the developmental editing stage and ready to address the sentence-level issues of your piece regarding punctuation and spelling, grammar and word usage, factual consistency and coherency.

For a copyedit I will:

  • Read your entire manuscript and correct indisputable errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  • Look for gaps in logic, style inconsistency, and repetition.

  • Write comments and questions  directly in the manuscript for you to consider after receiving my edits.

  • Do light fact-checking, but more extensive fact-checking can be done at your request.

  • Create an original style sheet to go along with your manuscript, which is essentially an outline of the rules I followed regarding punctuation, capitalization, numbers, spelling, and so on.


Proofreading is ideal if you are past the developmental and copyediting stages and nearly ready for publication. You need your piece to be read one final time to ensure that it’s free of typos.


For proofreading I will:

  • Read your entire manuscript, front cover to back cover, and correct all typographical and mechanical errors.

  • Use your manuscript's style sheet as my guide for staying consistent with your preferences.

  • Mark any formatting and design issues and may query the designer if necessary.

To learn more or discuss possible work let's talk! >>
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