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"My book would not have been possible without Stephanie! I thought I could write until I had her edit it. She took my ideas and vision, accepted it, and ran with it. She didn't try and change any content or judge it, she just helped present the whole package in the best possible way. She made the words flow with articulation and professionalism. I would be embarrassed putting out my book now had I not worked with her, but because of her I am proud!"                              
               -Chris 51, author of Alpha Geek and Smoke the Moment


"Stephanie's help was instrumental in completing a handbook requiring multiple edits from multiple volunteers. She was willing to meet in person and over the phone on a regular basis and was always professional and followed through in a timely fashion with each part of the project. She found hundreds of errors in punctuation and grammar, and most of all, she was instrumental in making sure that all citations met the highest standard to reduce our organization's exposure. I would highly recommend Stephanie anytime for work involving careful attention to detail. She is very thorough and extremely professional."
                                        -Sarah Smith, MindFreedom International
"Working with Stephanie was wonderful. She's professional, speedy, and thorough. She even provided me with a style guide for future projects."                         
                                    -Valerie Ihsan, author
                                   of The Scent of Apple Tea

Here's what others have to say about my work:

"My story had been through three critique groups and two beta readers so my copy was pretty clean. But Stephanie’s developmental editing raised it to another level. Now it moves faster and the characters' actions and motivations are clearer. Stephanie is easy to work with and responds in a timely manner."

-Diana Manley, author of The Price of a Child

"Stephanie is a gem to work with. Her sharp eye and keen instincts make her edits intelligent and concise. She has a professional understanding of grammar and structure but her ability to honor the spirit and vision of another writer's work is what really elevates her editing. She is warm and easy to communicate and work with, and while always kind, she won't hold back to make your writing the strongest work it can be. I would highly recommend Stephanie's work to anyone."

-Sarah J. Swofford, author of From Ouch! To Ahhh...The New Mom's Guide to Sex After Baby

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